TREAT RELEASE: Captain Jack Harkness [DL]

Captain Jack Harkness 1.0
Download: Here (1.24MB)

Ladies & Gents,

it's a few days later than normal and I do apologise, but here we are, it's just a very quick little something I knocked up over a few hours across the past few days (when I wasn't getting drastically inebriated).

Captain Jack Harkness has ended up in the Wasteland, alone and confused. Packing a powerful magnum, the inability to die and a pretty nifty Vortex Manipulator, he's here to stay and travel by your side as you wander the Wastes of DC, days before Dematerialisation Day.

As is protocol, bugs may be found so any reports would be appreciated, please excuse the atrocious clothing re-texture but above all - enjoy having this 51st century omnisexual Torchwood Time Agent by your side!

Full Readme is included with the Download which I STRONGLY advise you all read as it answers all questions.

As aforementioned, I havent had as much time as I'd have liked to have perfected his appearance or find all bugs necessary, but just enjoy it in the meantime for the next 10 days.


1 comment:

SavingSergeantLiam said...

When you get him drunk and slip of his vortex manipulator, his arm where it was becomes nothing, no textures or whatever he is made out of xP