Burning the Candle at both ends...

...quite literally. With the chaotic schedule of house hunting I have ahead of me, the girlfriend coming up to do said house hunting, and work, I've got to try and cram this weeks release in fairly quickly, thus, at 1.15am, I'm just turning off the laptop.

Quick note to say progress is moving along swiftly.

You'll be pleasantly pleased to hear the second quest, Ghosts in the Machine, has a bit of something for everyone, but more a bit of something for those that specifically like puzzles. As it's full of them.

That and the fact you have to stop the TARDIS from disintegrating.

Oh, and save the world in 22 in-game minutes.

Just finished a very, very lengthy piece of script for the final encounter (212 lines last count)... and, I'm happy to say I'm impressed with myself.

Shower, sleep, work, home, mod-work tomorrow. Same Thursday. Same Friday.

I'll try and cram a smidge of xbox in there somewhere (picked up 3 new Arcade Games this weekend, Scott Pilgrim - bloody kookey, Zeno Clash - lovely to play when drunk as a fart, and todays latest purchase - Dead Rising; Case Zero. Happy days)

I digress, mod rolling along nicely, release by Friday.

Teaser line of the Day: Containment Field.



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