Coming Soon: Ghosts in the Machine

Announcing Ghosts in the Machine

The TARDIS has suffered massive internal damage. The external reality is leaking into the ship, filling it with all kinds of nasty creatures and instabilities. You must work your way through to its heart, sealing three unstable ruptures along the way.

New features:-

The Gardens - with Pollination Unit for creating your own exotic organic ingestibles and deadly Vampire Ivy

The Music Room - with a handy Audio system for the ships interior and new collectable Records to find

The Gallery - with vaults of treasure to loot and 8 mysterious podiums to show off your treasures from the Fallout Who Universe


- A new TARDIS Workbench for the Workshop! Upgrade your Sonic Screwdriver or its future variant and dabble with new gadget schematics.

- New TARDIS features; Recalibrate the ships internal dimensions to have them accessible, how you want.

And introducing:-

- Regeneration! Imbue your Wastelanders biology with Time Lord DNA and defy death in most situations with the ability to come back (Warning; Regeneration can lead to altered vital stats and skills)

Release ETA: Sometime this week
Requires Fallout 3: Point Lookout to play

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