Development is hell.

Apologies for the delays,

I've got some avid fans out there who quite rightly want to get their mits on the mod and go for a spin in the best ship in the Universe, but Rome wasn't built in a day (how presumptious of me to compare little old Fallout Who with an Ancient Empire).

You can work to the bone and get everything perfect, and then you expect something as simple as meshing to go without a glitch and it all goes a little sour.

The delay at current relates to Collision Meshing. The Console and the Buttresses are proving to be a collision meshing nightmare. Feasibly, I have 2 options, but I'm not taking the quick approach unless I see fit in the next couple of days.

You should be pleased to hear that Release Two will follow imminently, and will revolve around Time Travel, and yes, Regeneration (which works, hurrah!).

The mod WILL be released over the next week, possibly tomorrow, possibly Friday, I can't say until I've got these meshes done.

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Fmilligan said...

I'd rather have a polished mod than a glitchy, buggy one; a few more days or even one more week won't hurt anyone - patience is a virtue.