Development Update

Slight delay to proceedings, the project should be released by Sunday give or take. Everything's ticking over fine with it, just a few ammendments that require making on the console.

Watch this space.


birkc002 said...

Sorry to be pushy, but i am sat here waiting to get the TARDIS in flight. Eagerness isn't the word.

Anonymous said...

IF you have oblivion elder scrolls,theres a tardis mod similar to this,with 91 locations,blue stabilizers,handbrake,helmic regulator and a regeneration feature.

I have been using that as an alternative :D

birkc002 said...

Thanks. Already got that mod and used the crap out of it. Judging by the description, this mod will be the ultimate in Tarsi's. He has put so much time into it and the youtube videos are enthralling. Am just waiting for it to be released.