Fallout Who: The Last Child of Gallifrey - User Guide .pdf

Hi guys,

last update of the week before I go away. I finished the more indeoth, yet simplified User Guide this evening and converted to .pdf format.

Fallout Who - The Last Child of Gallifrey User Guide & Walkthrough

The Guide covers:

Basic Flight, TARDIS Systems, Rooms, Items, a Walkthrough and a Side-Quest Guide.

I've included content to be released with next weeks v2 Patch 3 release which will tie the mod up nicely.

I'll be back on Monday, so until then, keep vworping, and thanks for a brilliant release guys, I really mean it.



Anonymous said...


Ollie said...

where would the tardis be located and how wouls you get into it Kris?

Ollie said...

Hi Kris, i am having trouble downloading and installing your mods and i was wondering if you can help? one thing is when you use the FOMM to find a mod and add it to the list is searches for fomod, zip, rar and 7z files but i dont have any of those.The only files i got when i downloaded the Last Child Of gallifrey mod was a PHP file.
please help

Ollie said...

hey Kris, i downloaded your mod and entered into the broken tardis from the ostahagen fought and have noticed a problem with the tardis inside and out. when you move around or move your mouse the tardis coulours change weirdly from differant coulours and textures to a black background with weird wrighting. also the normal textures are not there for the console or walls and are replaced by the changing colours.

Anonymous said...

hi i downloaded this mod and the tardis turned up at chevey chase (before going to fort osterhagen) is there a way of getting out of there (fort osterhagen) from inside the room. it says door needs a key and cant seem to find it in the room with the tardis.

Anonymous said...

Hi I just downloaded this mod and am having some issues. As soon as I enter the UNIT facility all doors, daleck weapon and tardis show up as a red triangle with a white "!" and my game freezes up. What did I do wrong and how do I fix this?

Jon Mavares said...

Hey kris my tardis was stolen by time raiders how do I get it back