Fame and Updates

Hi all,

Well I'm back from my short (but much needed) holiday.

First thing's first;


Guys, I can't thank you all enough for the amount of support I've had with this project. I've come back this evening to have a chat with the excellent Scott (Riker148 over at the Nexus), and low and behold, it's gotten everywhere!

Who newsgroups, torrent sites, forums, youtube!?

Bloody hell, I'm astounded. I'm happy astounded :) You've all made me one crazily happy outstanded chap :)

Now I had a play around with some of the DLC content last week before disappearing to see how it would integrate with the mod, and I'm pleased to confirm everyones favourite little blue Box can now be seen dematerialising in Pittsburgh, Maryland, some Airforce Base somewhere and oh, space. :)

In other news, a brilliant official trailer has been drawn up by Riker148 (see below).

The final patch (patch 3, Version 2) of The Last Child of Gallifrey shall be coming mid-week. This will add any of the additional features highlighted in last weeks downloadable manual, alongside a few extras such as DLC pilotable locations and the odd hidden extra.

Stay tuned,


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White Storm said...

Well, what did you expect after making such an awesome mod like this?