The Future of Fallout Who

Afternoon all,

it's been a chaotic and positively crazy past few weeks. Now that The Last Child of Gallifrey's done and dusted, I can start paying my attentions to release 2, currently unnamed.

The future of the Project is a little uncertain at current. I've got so many ideas bubbling, yet so little time.

I'll be moving in 4 weeks to live with my long-term partner again after she returns from the South, so my attention will be truly divided between work and her, so as you can imagine, things may become a little sparse on the modding front.

This is why I've opted to drastically alter the plans for Release 2. Again.

Release Two is now a Quest solely set inside the TARDIS. Springvale 2077 will make another appearance, as a seperate, mini-quest, later on. I've built the foundations for the town, so want not waste not and all that.

Having Release 2 set inside the ship allows me to spend 90% of my development time working on simple Quest narrative, basic scripts and a bit of mapping.

Expect to see new rooms and areas from the classic series, another old face and plenty more action this time.

See the blurb below for further details. Release ETA providing everything goes swimmingly this weekend could be next week.

As for other releases, there are many, many plans, but I've cherry picked a few that I'd definitely like to proceed with;

  • Release 2: Ghosts in the Machine

    The TARDIS is damaged. Reality is bleeding inside and the internal dimensions are in great jeapodary as vast chunks of the Washington DC Wasteland are flooding into the ship. There is a fracture, a Causal Nexus Rupture, at the heart of the TARDIS. Armed with a homebuilt Chronon Detector, you must navigate your way to the very heart of the ship, avoiding ghosts of the outside world and solving puzzles to reach the Rupture and put things right. All in 1 hour. Save the TARDIS; Save the Universe.

  • Release 3: Out of Time

    Flung back to 2077, the eve of the Great War, the TARDIS has ran adrift on a Time Bank in Springvale. Something has summoned you here, and something wants to interfere. With the course of events due to happen overnight, it is upto you and you alone to make a life altering decision for everyone in town. Before it's too late.

  • Release 4: There are Worlds out there...

    The threads are drawing together. The Universe has called for the Doctor, but only you can take the mission. 4 planets, 4 different times, 4 pieces of the same Relic. Steal from the Sontarans; Barter with the Slitheen; Assist the Ood and pay visit to one of the Doctor's most feared and deadliest enemies... Space travel has never been so dangerous.

On top of the 3 additional main Quest releases, I'll be applying a couple of small mini-downloads between projects.
  • River Song (Companion) - Fallen through time and sealed inside a Dimension Vault, the nefarious Professor River Song has a dark and secret past to contend with. The only problem is, she can't remember what it is. Comes with a unique Sonic Blaster.

  • UNIT Command - The degradations of Fort Osterhagen are now yours to play with. Rebuild the facility, explore it's hidden areas, recruit Wastelanders to join your cause and establish UNIT as the forefront runner of Wasteland Mutant and Extraterrestrial Security. Assign scientists to research exciting and new technologies, dispatch squads on missions to recover lost or abandoned technology, and work your way up through the ranks to become the true Brigadier.
As for the release dates of these optional notions, I can't say when.

I'm going to put a on a brew and crack on with Release 2 now, so keep your eyes squealed for development updates.


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