(Very) Frequently Asked Questions...

Okay, so here's a brief FAQ for some of the most popular questions for those that haven't read the Guide. By no means is this a way of saying, don't bother to read the guide, so please do, it's a complicated thing, TARDIS Flight.


  • I downloaded Version 2 (Patch 3), but when I load, there's nothing there?

    The latest patch fixes bugs which clash with Broken Steel (FO3 Vanilla DLC Content). As a result, the quest needed to be reset. You'll have to play through and start from scratch. I apologise, but it's vitally important the latest patch is downloaded to enjoy future releases.
  • Where do I find the TARDIS?

    Short answer; The Quest must be started by entering UNIT Fort Osterhagen at the top North-Eastern corner of the map. Enter through the Stormdrain and make your way into the facility's heart to find the ship.
  • How do I refuel the TARDIS?

    You must first scan the Wasteland for a Temporal Rift. Once found, the Temporal Rift will be accessible from the Console Scanner. Landing here and exiting the TARDIS allows it to fuel up. This process takes approximately 3 - 5 minutes.
  • I can't find the Manual.

    The TARDIS library. On a shelf. Look carefully.
  • The game crashes to desktop when I...

    Sorry, but I've finished tweaking all final major bugs now. If the game crashes, load a recently saved game.
  • Is K9/Daleks/Time Travel/The Doctor/New Vegas etc... going to come out?

    Yes and no. I have limited time these days and don't get an opportunity to do as much as I have been able to over the past year with The Last Child of Gallifrey. Release two features Regeneration and a Time Travel mechanism I'm currently fiddling with. Release 3 features new locations and monsters from the series. The plan is subject to change.

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