Three Ruptures...

...down and one Final Encounter to handle, and release 2, Ghosts in the Machine, is almost as good as ready to roll.

The latest addition features another new room to the TARDIS.

The Gallery

The TARDIS Gallery holds many of the Doctor's treasured collections from time and space across the years.
Familiar paintings, statues and relics can be found here, along with storage security vaults full of treasure waiting to be looted.

The unique feature for the Gallery though, are the 8 empty pedestals found around it's central chamber's edges. These empty pedestals will be utilised in recent and coming release to show off your collection of Fallout Who paraphernalia.

Collected all 9 Metebelian Crystals from the Last Child of Gallifrey? Expect to stumble across a unique treasure trophy in here to symbolise your successful hunt!

Quest wise, things are coming along smashingly. I only have to work on the Quests final encounter now before she's ready to roll.

There's still one major bug niggling, but I'll look into it post completion/pre-launch.

Enjoy the above piccies,


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