Fallout Who: New Vegas Edition - Sonic Screwdriver 1.0

Fallout Who New Vegas Edition: Sonic Screwdriver 1.0: Download Here

A special treat for all you FOW followers,

the much hardly worked for Sonic Screwdriver is released as a teaser of things to come. Using its very basic and unique features such as Locking and Unlocking, Unhacking and deactivating robots, future variations have a LOT of nifty tricks penned and planned...

How to install:

1) Extract the folders to your Fallout New Vegas directory, exactly as stated below.

2) Run Fallout New Vegas Launcher, select Data Files, and tick the fownv - Sonic Screwdriver 1.0 file option

How to Play:

The Sonic Screwdriver can and will unlock doors, hack computers and destroy roboforms. It isn't wise to point and fire at people though, they wont be too fond if you're firing alien sonic tech in their direction, regardless of harm.

The Sonic Screwdriver can be found in Doc Mitchell's house by the Chessboard. If you're having trouble finding it, a good thorough search of the house will be in order.

Have fun, keep supporting the modding community.



johnbs772 said...

When I clik the download link, once on the Nexus, it tells me that the ID does not exist... Is there a way to fix this problem, or another link i can follow to get the screwdriver?

Peach23 said...

Hi John, thanks for posting. The download was removed as the Sonic, much improved, will be included with the overall Project release. Don't be disheartened though, we promise you it'll be a lot better than anticipated.