New Vegas: A Locked Door...


after a lengthy 2 hour play last night, I managed to get myself engrossed in FONV.

Wow. It's just like FO3, except not. The environment differences are obvious, and you really do feel immersed in the same Universe, just across the country.

The one thing that struck me was the voice acting. I can see this is going to be a more intriguing affair than its predecessor.

Anyway, onto Fallout Who.

So after battling through Primm (no more spoilers), and encountering numerous door and safe lock challenges, I decided to dabble, and try to incorporate Fallout Who's fantastic Sonic Screwdriver.

And yes, Fallout Who 2.0 has it's first test run.

The Sonic managed to lock a couple of Powder gangers inside a local's house before I wove my way into a key part of the Primm town plot to rescue a particular chappy, armed with nothing but my trusty Sonic Screwdriver and quick footed steps.

I'm off to see Doctor Who Live tomorrow, so I'll be updating with some details on that.




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Cool kiddy, cant wait!!!