Hi all,

well it struck me earlier today whilst looking at the blog over lunch in the office, I need to take a bit of a change of tact with the Blog. The blog's been a very useful hub for me when I've been posting developments over the past year, and more importantly, it's been a great way for me to advertise the project.

Well, with a new age of Fallout Who, Demeggy (that is I...) needs YOU!


So what does the winner get hold of?

Well... at current, only the talented and privileged Riker148 of the Nexus forums acts as my primary and solo tester and all-round go between. Fancy joining his ranks? Fancy getting access to all of the 12 Days of Christmas Releases in one fell swoop?

Fancy sampling future releases before anyone else, and above all, fancy contributing to the project a lot of you seem to love so much?

Fallout Who Vegas currently needs you, the loyal fans, to produce a professional looking blog layout for this very site.

I'm looking for professional entries, and want you to grab inspiration from all over.

Initially, I'm looking at the Fallout site itself, it's fonts, it's layouts, but remember; this is Doctor Who you're working on.


  • The template needs to fit in with standards (so if you're not familiar, get yourself signed up with a test account to muck around).
  • The template must contain the original FOW logo as designed by the brilliant Cambragol.
  • It must contain ingame footage of the New Vegas wasteland (so grab the Mojave, the Strip or even Jefferson Town!)
  • Animated images such as gif's need to be of high quality standard. Note Using Flash will be accepted, but only under the conditions the author will reliably host any material.
  • And finally, my favourite, keep it minimal. If it has to be a little busy, then keep it simplistic.
Definite no-no's:

  • No in-game footage of other mods or other creative works not by yourself.
  • No adult material, content, swear words the works. Doctor Who is a family show and whilst Fallout may not be a Family game, I'd like to keep my material clean.

You haven't got long, just until December the 6th, to get your entries in. Given a few days marking, the winner will be announced and the new template will go live on the site on the 10th.

Entries must be posted below in the comments field.

Any attempts at plagurism of other entrants work will be swiftly kicked out from the running.

So, get on those creative caps and get competing.