Ho ho ho: The 12 Days of Christmas

Well all,

the 12 Days of Who has officially started work, with 4 out of the 12 to be released mini-releases ready and polished.

With a lot of hardwork ahead of me, I'll be cracking open a few beers and knuckling down.

With the theme of Christmas being persistent, it's unfortunate I won't be able to present you all with teasers and spoilers, but you're only a couple of weeks away from the first release, so don't panic.

For that reason, I'll be quiet until the 12th, but be rest assured a couple of tidbits coming your way before then.


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John Smith said...

For Fallout: Who New Vegas you should really make Matt Smith's TARDIS interior, that would be kickass!
Theres concept art of how the corridors would look like circling around the web: http://www.petermckinstry.com/USERIMAGES/TARDIS%20CORRIDOR%20sm.jpg
You should check it out, it's fits the overall theme fo the 2010 Interior alot.

If you download the Doctor Who Adventure Games you can get awesome shots from all views of the console room (including the one they never show in the show of course)

Can't wait until we get the TARDIS in New Vegas :P