[dev] - Visualizing


the first chunk of Red Mountain's map has been laid out. A tangle of corridors, with the lighting cranked down to a minimal, almost claustrophobic level, I've sat down with what's initially a blank canvas and... nothing.

It came to me last night that I've started the age old problem of running before I even walked.

There's foundation; we've got a backstory, to a degree. We've got a basic runthrough of where the player needs to go to escape the clutches of the demented AI overlording the Facility.

But what I don't have is a specific, dot to dot, pen on paper plan.

And that's what I intend on spending the next couple of days doing.

Until then though, salivate on some tasty in-GECK treats.

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Mudo146 said...

Great looking pictures! *salivates* Damn it! There goes the mouse!