Happy New Year 2011!

Happy New Year all,

well, 2011 has crept up on us pretty quickly. What did 2010 see for the project? Well, it saw after years of work, the release of Fallout Who; The Last Child of Gallifrey, along with the subsequent following releases Ghosts in the Machine and the follow-up Project work commencing on Fallout Who Vegas.

So, what does the next year hold for us?

Well as you can see, the project has taken a slight change. Hinted at recently on the forums and in the recent posts, I've put the port of Fallout Who into New Vegas on the back-burner to concentrate on something within the same remit.

Fear not; the TARDIS will be dematerialising in the Mojave in the coming months, but for now, something much more exciting is brewing.

Fallout Who Vegas: The Red Mountain Incident

Fallout Who Vegas: The Red Mountain Incident (current WIP title) is a loosely Who themed feature-length quest pitting you, the player, in the depths of a military experimental facility, desperately facing the over-whelming odds of the undead, traps, puzzles and a few familiar Who faces. Think Area 51 meets UNIT, expect plenty of Timey Wimey adventuring and you're almost home.

The project started work last week and I intend to get footage up and running very soon with a regular blog and a possible demo depending on timing.

Fallout Who Vegas

The main bulk of the project; the release of the Doctor's TARDIS, will be coming in it's Tennant Era guise. With most of the port complete and a rewrite of the scripts currently partially finished, once The Red Mountain project's completed, that little Blue Box will be making an appearance on the Strip with all the same bells and whistles from its predecessor, plus a few minor tweaks for those that found the 'Tamagotchi' style caretaking of the alien ship a little too much.

Things will move along a little more rapidly as soon as I start putting up development content, so don't worry about being left out of the loop.

Until then, any remaining releases that were due for the seemingly canned 12 Days of Christmas theme will surface in due course.

I feel I'm happy enough to state we have 3 more variations of Sonic Screwdriver; 1 which can hack terminals, 1 which can deal massive amounts of sonic damage and 1 which looks very pretty.

We've also got a lovely little Gallifreyan Fob Watch with a mysterious little perception filter surrounding it, so getting your character levelled up may be of help.

And finally, the dev blog will be overgoing a massive change in the near future. The current simple layout will be radically changed to give the site a more interactive feel, with links to any youtube feeds put up, narrative content sketched in hand and hopefully downloadable content (hosted as always by the friendly Nexus :) )

So until then, keep commenting and I'll try to keep upto date.

Chris, aka Demeggy

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craigb119 said...

hehe hopefully you get it out before season 6 of doctor who comes out =P looks great from the trailer, but yeah red mountain sounds interesting =D