Development Update: Week 1

It's officially the end of week 1 of the Fallout Who Vegas development.

As in my last post I teased some snippets of whats to come, you can only begin to believe that they were just the start of it...

This afternoon, I managed to polish up the following;

- Randomiser Mode
- Vortex Mode
- Programme Mode (Datastores)

In this process, I've managed to uncomplicate the three modes ported across from Fallout Who, tidy their scripts up and successfully optimize each to allow for maximum modification when I started including more landing locations, more time events and more... spoilers.

So in short, everything from Fallout Who is now ported and working 100% in Fallout Who Vegas.

At this stage, I don't want to give much away, but I can only feed your anticipation by telling you that a lot has happened to the TARDIS since the Kid from 101 left with her and headed into the stars... a lot.

The week in general has been long; as you know both myself and my partner have been on sickleave with the flu, which has partly given me opportunity to use the laptop in bed with tonnes of hot drinks and short bursts of inspiration.

A lot of the remeshing has been done, with the phase I affectionately christen 'Blocking' completed.

There'll be a time for detail later, as I'm experiencing a lot of graphics glitches when panning the view out in the control room, but for now, not relevant. I want every small feature to be working and BUG FREE for release.

Finally, I've taken onboard a second hand as it were; Riker, from the forums, my appointed Project Publicist and general go-between has done me the decency of offering his texturing skills which will come in handy when I need to get the... ah, well... spoilers.

As for now though, I'm satisified I'm upto speed and date with everything.

I'll be making backup copies from this point on and won't be taking any chances like last time.

I'd just like to also say wow - and thanks. It seems I getting 70 + hits a day on the blog here, and the project just wouldn't continue without the support.

Don't forget, get active through the general means, the forum linked to the right of this post, commenting below and catching me whenever and wherever you can.

Next weekly update next Fri, but keep on twittering for daily news.

Kris - Demeggy


Zerograv said...

Damn this is beginning to shape up nicely, personally I can not wait to use the TARDIS again hehe, and if i could bake i would deliver you a cake for the work done =P (i hope that doesn't come off as creepy)

John Smith said...

Oh god I'm having massive urges of excitement to believe in what I think the TARDIS is actually going to get, which has been hinted at!

Not hard to figure out what I think it'll be getting! :D

Kris said...

And what do you think it's going to get?

Thom said...

is this mod (the TARDIS bit) open for suggestions if so I have one but it might intefere with the 'story' of the mod, but it ist a big difference and it bugged me a bit in the last game.

Riker148 said...

Any suggestions are welcome

Kris said...

Sure, fire away with the suggestion

Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion. if your beinging back the wardrobe full of outfits, could you make it so females can wear the outfits too?

John Smith said...

Put the swimming pool in the library! :)

Zerograv said...

Hmm Just a couple of questions

will the regeneration perk be with the Tardis mod?

and did it actually change what your character looked like in FO3? as from memory I can't remember if my character changed his appearance/hair. Or if it was just the stats that changed.

Kris said...

haha... swimming pool in the library... we'll see... we'll see... as for regen, again, you'll have to wait and see.

But yes, you could change your appearance.

Thom said...

well my suggestion was that in FO3 the TARDIS was sort of 'damaged' (ish) and am guessing that is why the doors let people in, but there was this one time when I didnt know this and I was running from a deathclaw, yao gui, mirelurks and a few dogs when i saw the TARDSI and thought yay safe!!! but it let them in so i died.

Anyway my suggestion is that could you change the doors so that when you enter tem it doesnt go to a black loading screen it goes to the projector type thing cause i have found out that peeps and stuff cant get past that (mostly)

P.S soz for the long post

Kris said...

it's actually something I experimented with in FO3, so its certainly something I could consider given the right graphics to be used in its place.

And as a nice little preventative measure, only companions can now follow you into the TARDIS.

That's not to say Monsters of the Wasteland and afar won't find some way of getting in though...

Xyphos said...

Will there be a Long coat for the tenth doctor outfit?
or ninth doctors leathers?

Anonymous said...

10th Doctor's brown coat and the 11th Doctor's suit would be awesome

Kris said...

Clothing isn't something Ive given much thought yet guys, but it should be implemented. One of the key criticisms of TLCOG was that it was just retextures, something I want to move out from, but it's not really a mod about the Doctor, so we'll have to see.

Zerograv said...

It may not be a mod about the doctor, but that guy has a great set of clothes =P even the colourful 6th doctors outfit.

Stevie said...

here's a suggestion why dont the windows and the "Police Public Call Box" light up that'l be really good seein it lit up in the dark :)