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Afternoon all,

it's been a somewhat chaotic week for me. Chaotic/slow. Having contracted Flu from Mrs Demeggy, I've been propped up in bed the past few days, but seem to be on the mend today (as yes, I've managed to clamber out and head down to the kitchen for more than half an hour).

Back in bed, I'm just dropping you all and update with the weeks progress on Fallout Who Vegas.

Red Mountain, as a concept, is still fresh and brilliantly planned out in my mind. The only thing it was missing however was a precursor, something to set the scene.

With that, Fallout Who Vegas, the main body of the Project has recommenced and I'm pleased to announce that it's going excellently.

Fallout Who Vegas takes place after Fallout Who: Ghost in the Machine. You are wandering aimlessly through one of the Strips heaving Casinos one evening, your pouch full of caps, when a vision haunts you. A Blue Box; 11 Locations. What does this mean? What secret do the 11 Locations hold? And why does the Blue Box seem so familiar?

Completing the introductory quest will only solve part of the puzzle however as an Easter Egg Laiden TARDIS can unfold the backplot and fill the gaps between the Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas' very own experience with the small Blue Box from another Universe.

With so far a total of 9 (oo - 9...?!) locations (all debug testers bear in mind) randomised locations implemented into Vegas, the TARDIS will dare go where it daren't before.

And if you thought Fallout Who's list of features was big, wait until you get a copload of this.

Teasers and Facts about Fallout Vegas:
  • Set your choice of Flight; Autopilot or Manual? For those who wish to click a button and be on their way, Autopilot is the key, but for those that relish dashing around the console, flipping switches and hitting buttons, then Manual is for you.
  • 30 interactive controls currently implemented (including all original instruments from Fallout Who plus a whole menagerie of brand new devices)
  • New and unique TARDIS customisation options (Internal appearance from what you decor your Control Room with to what colour ambience accompanies the mood)
  • The Piloting XP System makes a return - revamped and fine tuned
  • Mod Config Settings - want to see the TARDIS dematerialise externally whilst you land? Turn the External Cam on for a little difference in gameplay.
There are many, many more features in part, including a small, simplistic puzzle quest.

What, you didn't think I'd hand the best ship in the Universe to you on a plate did you?

I want to stipulate clearly now though, there is no definitive release date for the project. At the moment, I'm speculating we're a couple of months away from fine tuning, so it could be out in time for Series 6, before, or after, I simply can't say.

The key aspect I've learnt from my first released mod, The Last Child of Gallifrey, was that to meet expectations, give none. :)

Anyway, must dash before I collapse.

Keep the faith,

Kris - Demeggy

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