E-mail Issues

Hi all,

I've had a bit of trouble recently with my hotmail inbox, and as a result, won't be using it anymore. It seems I did the noobish error of popping it up on the Nexus, and low and behold, spammers have gotten hold of it and seem to have bombarded it with dirty phish spam.

I've found requests for help from genuine mod followers when trawling through the mess, so the best piece of advice I can give to anyone that needs help with the mods, is to post on the Nexus Forums or comment in any of the below posts.

Cheers guys,


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TimeLord75 said...

Hey there. I'm one of the mod-followers you mentioned, trying to get help on FOW. I've received some advice on the Comments section of the mod on the Nexus; apparently, FOW requires FOSE. Is this true?