Evening all,

I'm writing this from my bad as Im currently suffering a bad case of manflu after Mrs Demeggy's awful bout of Swine Flu during the pandemic we're having over here in the UK.

I wanted to drop you all a quick line just to say don't worry, despite there not being a blog update in days, the Twitter Feeds been a frenzy of activity and I've been incredibly busy with the mod.

You'll be pleased to hear things are going excellently with the project, and that the TARDIS will be making its debut in the Mojave sometime soon.

A lot has happened since it departed from the Washington Wasteland, and there's going to be loads for you to get your teeth into.

Until then, sit tight, keep in touch and I'll keep posting,

Kris - Demeggy


cinnykitty said...

some people should learn how to take it easy when theyre sick lol hope you get better

Kris said...

Thanks, I'm feeling much better this evening :)

Cwang92 said...

Well thats good... can't let those pigs win you know! Lol happy to see the tardis coming along so nicely, can't wait to coast the mojave in a wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey machine :D