Brief Update

Hi all,

it's been a slow week with progress I have to admit. Life takes forerunner unfortunately and I've been snowed under with work and other commitments. But now, things are on the up and I'm about to embark on the final stage of complete Phase One Beta: Every core mechanic implemented at it's most basic level.

This includes:-

- 80 randomised locations
- An extended Datastore functionality
- Vortex Mode with extensive 'Event' triggers
- Ship Customisation
- 2 'Minigames' centralised around the TARDIS and the gameworld

I'll keep you upto date over the next few weeks as these take shape,

Until then,

keep following,



Anonymous said...

Excellent, this all sounds incredible! Nice work!

MegaUnoriginal said...

by order of the shadow proclemation, your life is hereby postponed

no space said...

I suppose you meant death, since it's rather hard to postpone the life of someone who is already living.

Anyway, all these features sound like a lot of fun, and I'm really curious about the customization and minigames.

MegaUnoriginal said...

I mean his active social life.

Xyphos said...

I had a idea for a screwdriver funtion earlyier, hacking slot machines!