A General Update

Hi guys,

I'm sorry for the lack of activity recently. It's been a tough past couple of weeks with work, and had a bit of a falling out with my car recently which has left me out of pocket, so I've been doing a bit of overtime to make up for it.

All I seem to be doing is getting home, eating, flopping on the xbox and watching a dvd with Mrs Demeggy.

This weekend though, I fully intend on getting the core scripting done for the final locations. Everything's mapped in; it's just a case of scripting in the necessary bit and pieces now.

Also, on a sadder note, you may have heard Nicholas Courtney, ala the Brigadier from Classic Who and SJA fame passed away this week.

For anyone old enough to remember his adventures with the Doctor and UNIT, he was a staple character in Who lore; the original Captain Jack. He was the guns behind the Doctor's brain and most importantly, he starred alongside Doctor's 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7, aswell as appearing in a cameo slot for Sarah Janes Adventures on CBBC recently.

Fondly remembered as '5 Rounds Rapid' and 'What the blazes' catchphrases, he was comically nodded in New WHo as being constantly stranded in Peru.

The founder and heralding headfigure of UNIT, the Brig was a character and a half, and could not have been brought to life in any other guise by any other actor.

Nick Courtney sir; I salute you!

- The Brig - Nicholas Courtney - 1929 - 2011 - Rest in Peru


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Zerograv said...

Yes it was a shame to see that he has passed away =(, I thought he was great during the 3rd Doctors time, and was hoping that he would have a cameo in a Who episode along side matt smith. But Alas RIP Nick Courtney.