The Last Child of Gallifrey Troubleshooting

Since moving on from Fallout 3, I made it well known I'd be leaving Fallout Who LCOG and its many bugs behind.

If you're one of the unfortunate ones having problems, don't worry, I'll be putting a troubleshooting guide for you over the next few days.

However, as a guide, I can guarantee the following will fix your issues:

- Make sure you have the latest patches and files from the Nexus
- If you're receiving the 'Red Triangle' error, you'll not have installed the files properly. I can;t be specific as to where to install files to down to the path name, as you may have installed them in a completely different direction. I would advise though that you follow how-to tutorials on installing mod content for Fallout 3 over at the Nexus forums.
- If textures are glitching for you, it'll either be one of two things; You haven't placed them in the right location, OR you don't have Archive Invalidation active. Again, as before, much advice on this can be found over at the Nexus Forums.

I'll be more indepth when I get a chance, but hopefully this info should be enough to get you on your ways.


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