Development Update: Week 4


it's been a peak and trough situation over the past month. I've had many things to be doing outside of the project, contending with visiting friends and hectic work schedules, but things are starting to click together.

With Phase One almost complete, I'm happy to report I've started to get on with the aesthetics.

I was planning on releasing a whopping suprise, and I may still go ahead and make the announcement, but I'll have to consult with Scott and Ed first to get their, let's say, insider perspective.

A lot of people have been asking for release dates recently. Answer? I don't know what to say other than; there isn't one yet.

I'm aware the longer it drags out the wearier it will become, but hang on in there, it'll take it's time for all the right reasons.

Dev wise; I've spent the past week living in the study like a hermit meshing, capping, pro-booleaning my hind legs off to get a more perfect and professional looking... result.

I'm spending an hour now piecing things together in GECK to see how it looks, and have found there are a few difficulties, but nothing I can't get around.

Also, the official manual provided by Ed is looking, well, words can't describe. Amazing? Fresh? Both of those plus more.

Oh, and it's official as you're probably aware; Series 6 returns to our screens in both the UK and the US on the 23rd April.

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Anonymous said...

No worries; we appreciate how hard you're working! I know this is going to be amazing!

Cwang92 said...

^^^Gotta agree with Mr. Anonymous!

Riker148 said...

All i have to say is that it's coming along mighty fine! from what i've been testing.

Anonymous said...

apsalooty love theese mods :D brilliant series :D
just wondering if we will be facing doctor who villians? classic or new.