Minigame 1: Pitstop At Henge

Fallout: Who Vegas sees many, many random locations to land at across the Mojave, from the rusty interiors of long abandoned Vault-tec Facilties to the open plains of South Nevadan Wind Farms.

There are however locations outside of this realm that can be accessed, but require the greatest Pilots to reach them.

The first I'm showcasing you comes in the form of the mysterious and enigmatic Stonehenge, Britain's very own natural wonder.
In this particular example, gameplay is locked exclusively to one of 3 minigames within the project.

Those of you that experienced Fallout 3's Last Child of Gallifrey will remember that refuelling from a Temporal Rift took form in landing at the scrapyard and being locked out of the TARDIS for 5 real-time minutes whilst it refuelled.

Well, not any more.

No, because interwoven into Fallout: Who Vegas's backstory comes Stonehenge, and along with it, the formidable Alliance.

Refuel, but keep the TARDIS exterior safe at all costs using 3 powerful Temporal Fields.

Below early screens demonstrate the surrounding, the gameplay view and general snippets of what to expect. The finished version will have a more accurate looking Stonehenge mesh and custom 'Time Field' animations.

Enjoy the early beta screens below and expect more very soon.



Anonymous said...

I pooed a little

Kris said...

You don't want to be doing that!

cinnykitty said...

ah so beautiful. if i could I would squeeze you :)

MegaUnoriginal said...

this should not be free!
so daleks, lizard guys, sontarans, cybermen, and alot more are in the game? awesome! what about weeping angels?

Kris said...

The Alliance is a many and varied culimnation of some of the Doctor's greatest foes. They want the TARDIS and they'll cross the boundaries of their own Universe to get it.

I'll say no more fow now :)

xg42 said...

Looking good Demeggy :D looks stunning can't wait! :D

xg42 said...

Hey you know if theirs Daleks are they the new ones created for matt smiths era or the older ones ? :)

MegaUnoriginal said...

will their be series 6 stuff in it after the season ends patched in?

Anonymous said...

as I was watching an old episode of doctor who I had an idea you might be interested in

you go back to the TARDIS and you see some one leaving it and running away and when you go inside they have changed it into a paradox machine for some reason and you have to go round find parts to fix it and find out why it was changed into a paradox machine and who did it

hope you like this idea and I don't mind if you want to use it or not :)

MegaUnoriginl said...

let me guess, last of the time lords?

Anonymous said...

I got the idea from the sound of drums