Team Vacancy: 3D Character Modeller

Hi all,

I'll cut to the chase. Progress is going fast, faster than I honestly expected. With the new arrival to the team in the form of Ed, our official manual writer, we've been able to spread our attentions on the 3 key areas and get stuff sorted.

With Scott, aka Riker148, working on testing and background input (I like to think of him as my 'runner', fetches reference images and great royalty free material) and Ed focusing on a lipsmacking User Guide and hopefully much more for the blog, I'm left to contend with the core of the project.

My role throughout has been general creator. I've knocked up the scripts, the meshes and the textures from scratch (excluding the Police Box mesh - copyright and full creative acknowledgement goes to Murfy of the Nexus, an insanely talented modder). I'm happy with what I've achieved, and I've learnt a lot about modelling in the process.

BUT, my hands are too full with the other areas of the project to solely focus on everything.

So I'm looking for a character modeller. The modeller must be able to draft up professional looking character meshes for use ingame. They'll need to understand the complex rigging system behind Fallout New Vegas, and ideally work in 3DS Max (but any format is acceptible).

The prior role of Guide writer was very loose in terms of commitment. With this position, the chosen person will be required to provide weekly, if not daily at the least updates on their meshes.

At current, a total of 3 bipedal meshes are planned, and they'd need to be able to produce to an ideally tight deadline.

It's obviously an unpaid position, but if you love Who like me, enjoy New Vegas and have a talent for 3d modelling, or if you re even just a competent modeller with time on your hands who feels they can produce something of moderate quality, then please apply.

Needless to say it would look great in a Modelling Portfolio.

All I ask for as entry is evidence of your work. Biped characters preferably, and ideally, anything produced for Oblivion, Fallout 3 or New Vegas would be a great bonus.

Becoming part of the team would make you the 4th and equally valued member of a long and winding project to bring a feeling of the Doctor Who Universe to the Fallout game world.

Apply with links to your work in the comments below,

Until then, Kris - project Founder

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