Pond - Put some Trousers on!


courtesy of tonights Comic Relief mini-Who episodes, Space followed by Time, we've got a lovely new 'Event' inside the TARDIS!

It's advised you dont stare up girl's skirts when recalibrating the thermocouplings midflight across the Mojave.



MegaUnoriginal said...

is this a teaser?

Cwang92 said...

Haha! I loved that comic relief!

Anonymous said...

MegaUnoriginal; for Comic Relief there were two Doctor Who segments especially filmed; if you missed them, they should be available on some popular video sites!

MegaUnoriginal said...

can someone clarify for me what happened during they CiN special?

Anonymous said...

You should be able to see both segments here:

MegaUnoriginal said...

I saw both, but I am so confused

Kris said...

Rory was distracted by Amys upskirt through the glass floor when helping the Doctor reconfigure the Thermocouplings. This reuslted in the TARDIS dematerialising within itself. Going through the doorway projected Amy a fraction into the past (which was technically the present) - resulting in a constant Space Time Loop.

They established this, because AMy told them, and AMy knew, because she remembered herself saying it. (?)

The only way out for the Doctor to do this was for him to tell himself which lever to pull. Ala; the Wibbley Lever!

And thus, the trio went on there ways, not before the Doctor sternly told Amy to put some trousers on.



MegaUnoriginal said...

thanks Kris
and if we have Cass as a companion in the TARDIS,can you do something pond like with her pants? no pun intended with what her first name is

xg42 said...

Hey chris i've followed fallout who the whole way and was wondering when you were going to release a trailer?