PC or not PC... that is the question

Hi all,

well, not really had much of a chance to do anything this week, been busy with work and home stuff, but its gradually folding together.

I was talking to a colleague in the office today about my current setup. When I first started Fallout Who, I was working from a beast of a custom Desktop rig. Over the years of its production I moved, and with moving had to downsize to a powerful laptop.

Well, I'm still on that laptop, and have moved again, but now, I'm living with Mrs Demeggy. And Mrs Demeggy enjoys nothing more than a good session on youtube.

Thus my dilemna; laptop time.

My second dilemna, is that whilst the laptop isn't that slow, it's not the fastest, and overheats frequently.

So, my conversation today turned to one of possibility. I realised I still had my desktop tower (replete with 15 fans) in a cupboard under the stairs, along with my motherboard and dual-core CPU bundle, PSU and HDD.

To buy Mrs Demeggy a new netbook to free up my own laptop would cost in the region of £250 to £400. To upgrade my current laptop, a prebuilt rig from PC World, would be almost impossible, and if possible, costly.

So I turned to the notion of giving her the laptop, and succumbing to rebuilding my rig.

In the coming months, I'll be moving from my Laptop, which has served me well, and after having bought RAM and a beefy Graphics Card, will move back to my desktop setup.

So, any particular favourite powerfuul graphics cards?

Any pointers?

Or just your general banter, drop it below.



cinnykitty said...

O gawd hmmm I must say if your an ATI person, the Radeon HD 5870 is a wonderful addon. I run a 3200 HD and I can create pretty complex textures without any issues (though I cant run hi-Rez videos without spottiness for some reason)check it out on the benchmark sites

Kris said...

Intriguing. I was actually looking at the NVIDIA GTX 550 Ti, looks favourable for good quality stuff.

Riker148 said...

Good choice Kris, I've never gone wrong with NVIDIA cards and wouldn't go to any other manufacturer.