Demo Video: Smith's Interior

Evening all,

a Late one tonight. Hitting the hay in a moment, but just grabbing enough time to show you my latest endeavours over at FalloutWho Towers.

After completing the initial blocking of the ingame control room interior tonight, I ported across to Nifskope (see below) and finally the GECK to test my loins and go for a run around the newly colmeshed console room.

And boy am I pleased.

I'm so pleased, Ive treated you.

No, wait, I've double treated you. Not only does this 90-odd second video give you the delights of Smith's (currently ugly as sin) interior, but also a teaser of beta test footage for Pitstop at Henge, one of the minigames incorporated.

Now at current, the mesh for the control room is only blocked. It's not textured, and not lit, and a very simple transparency effect has been applied to the glass floor so expect little visually other than layout in terms of gameplay.

However I am very happy with the scale of the room and the general, overall layout.

But, as you'll know by now with me, I don't do things by half, so expect development soon.

Enjoy the video,

until then,




Cwang92 said...

That is amazingly awesome Demeggy! Even though it hasn't been finished... it looks incredibly sexy.... it makes me want to see it all polished and textured ever so more!!

Anonymous said...

Ditto; incredible job!

John Smith said...

I love it!

The only thing that's bugging me in the video is how thick the beams are in the console platform, plus the things that hold up the steps of the stairs. (I know it's a WIP but I'm just throwing out some C&C)
Other than that It's just awesome!

Kris said...

Yeah, agreed John, I got halfway through meshing the platform, realised they were too big but thought, sod it, this is only a prototype, I can fine tune the detail in later.

Thanks for the support though guys :)

xg42 said...

WOW :D This is more than I expected :D This is stunning even thought its not textured it looks brilliant great work to you and the team! :) Btw what was that in the background with the red light ? :P

Mudo146 said...

Great Job! Fantastic! As the Doctor Nine would say. And... Was that your Classic-Who Console room I saw in the background?

Peach23 said...

It was/is. Sort of. The console room in the background was our very own creation, a unique combo of classic and new. It's now been shelved in favour of Smith's layout :)

And thanks :)

Kris said...

oh bloody hell, Mrs Demeggy's logged into her blogger account again...