The past couple of days have led to me doing an overhaul on the project file structure in prep for the next beta.

A lot of people tend to have problems understanding file structure, so it's essential to make sure it's simple for us as developers and yourselves as players to get around, and the best way to do this, is through tidiness;

What we're looking at is the following within the Data folder of your New Vegas install...

'Meshes\fowv\' and 'Textures\fowv' broken down into Armour, Creatures, Dungeons, Items & Misc


'Sound\fowv\fx' broken down into Ambient, Items & Music

The second part of the current overhaul is looking at file size. At current, we're totting up between 80 - 100mb of filesize, comprised of textures, meshes and sounds.

There's still another couple of milestones to go yet though, with Act's 2 and 3 requiring a little more custom meshwork.

We're also currently obtaining custom Royalty-Free music, which as you can imagine is going to have its benefits.



Zerograv said...

Liking these new blog updates =D. getting more and more excited for the mod as time goes on. Although if you release on the same time that series 6 starts up again in September then that is just evil.

Richard said...

Glad to see things are moving along!