Development Review

A quick note to confirm that everything is ticking away quietly in the background at the moment. Whilst we've got Christmas coming up, our schedules are packed to the brim outside of the mod at the moment which is slightly hindering things, but can't be helped.Needless to say, we're still on schedule, and whilst some possible cuts might need to be made from the initial Beta, don't worry.

A small teaser to wet your appetites: something evil lurks in the Containment Silo at UNIT's Iron-Cage Facility.

Expect clarity later next week...

** Update **
No adverts, adert free, disregard :)

Demeggy, Spyduck & Riker

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Jack said...

Appreciate the hard work in-spite of the busy schedules, totally understand real life must take precedence. The anticipation will just make the eventual playing of the mod that much more bitch'n! Again appreciate the work put into this, you guys are badass!