Beta 1.0: Autons

Autons, animated plastic automatons controlled by the malevolent Nestene Conciousness. The Autons can be found scattered across the Wasteland at sporadic intervals, but more specifically at 3 unique locations implemented for the mod.

Code-named; Plastic Fantastic, the "side quest" sees you stumbling across the detection of 3 Nestene Transmitters from somewhere across the Mojave

Objective? Find all 3 and deactivate the signals.

When each transmitter is deactivated, it leaves a piece of schematic that when brought together, provides the chemical solution to an Anti Plastic. This can be used to generate a formula, which in turn when fed into the TARDIS recyc unit will generate 10 Anti Plastic vials to be thrown at Auton Duplicates, instantly defeating them.

Note: Whilst classed as a "side quest", this will not appear in your Quest logs as a mission.


M12Sarge said...

Can't wait to fight Autons, Cybermen, Daleks and all the other who monsters in the mod!

Anonymous said...

yes and ive flew a model of the tardis at the experience i will get the piloting skill to the top and its cool coz theres a minigame while u refuel u gotta save the tardis from legion aoutons