Fallout Who Vegas Beta 1.0 Features List (and a tonne of development info)

So here we have it, a finalised plan of the features list for the first FoWV Beta due Christmas 2011. Whilst you'll notice some obvious and clear omissions, be aware they haven't been entirely excluded and will make an appearance as the project commences through development early next year.

We felt though, that as you've all been patient and loyal enough, it's time to get something on the table.

Beta 1.0 Features List:


- Control Room Interior with fully animated and interactive console (11th)
- 85 available Wasteland Locations to visit
- 1 Brand New Mysterious Alien World to explore

Flight Modes:

- Randomiser
- Programmable
- Vortex


- Shields
- Fuel
- Fluid Levels

Upgradable Systems:

- Shields
- Speed


- Mark VII Sonic Screwdriver (11th)
- Mark V Sonic Screwdriver (9/10th)
- Mark III Sonic Screwdriver (3rd/4th/5th)
- Alpha Meson Blaster
- Artron Converter
- Psychic Paper
- Fob Watch


- Dalek Drones
- Cybermen
- Autons

Game Features:

- Piloting Skill Tree
- Regeneration

From a quest perspective, this pre-release Beta will nod to occasional hint at where the eventual released Quest, Out of Time, will be going.

I'll expect plenty of questions on the above, so to save some being asked, here's a few answers;

- The interior of the TARDIS will be eventually incorporated, but for now, it's deemed more fundamental to have the control room, the console and systems in place and playabale before anything else. Planned and partially developed, though not included, are the Library/Swimming Pool, The Workshop, the Art Gallery, the Wardrobe and the Zero Room. A continuous labyrinthe of corridors interlinked with small antechambers, bedrooms, infirmaries and kitchens will also make an appearance (as seen in previous released footage akin to that of the interior seen in Series 6's The Doctor's Wife)

- A few more enemies are yet to make an appearance. The Weeping Angels, whilst incorporated into the gameplay, have been withdrawn from this initial release as they're 'mechanic' is privvy only to the quest and therefore, would seem redundant if otherwise used. The Silurians have also been held back, as for timing constraints, they're inclusion at the moment isn't as necessary as the predominant 'baddies'of Who lore.

- The quest will feature heavily in an eventual release, and can be teased at in these early Beta's as something to look forward to.

Over the coming week's, we'll release more info by the day on development, specifically on the feature's list identified above.

Any info I can give at current is purely 'as we have it':



- Both Daleks and Auton mobs have been implemented and work fantastically.
- Flight has been given a significant change from The Last Child of Gallifrey, with randomised interaction between short randomised jumps a necessity (adding to the slapdash manouvering it takes to truly pilot a Type 40) and all 3 modes incorporated without fault (so far)
- Planet 'X' [spoilers] has also been implemented with a vast and deserted worldspace to explore for hidden treasures and alien goodies
- All 3 variants of the Sonic Screwdriver have been added to the game, each variant weighing in with differing attributes. These will be covered in the coming weeks, if not days.
- The Alpha Meson blaster (as featured in The Big Bang & Day of the Moon) has been added but is currently awaiting successful testing.
- Regeneration has been added with new imagespace fx and a 3 minute Real-Time no-damage Regen Cycle buff (what a mouthful). This means taking no more damage post-regen during a fight, to get clear and survey any changes.

Everything else is currently in development, which would generally indicate over-all, there is a fair amount of things to get done. Between now and December the 25th, we're going to be mighty busy. So, without further ado, let's get cracking.

Demeggy, Spyduck & Riker


Archer said...

Wow, awesome work! A great Christmas present! :)

Anonymous said...

so glad you guys keep at this its an awesome project and deserves more attention than it gets i look forward to playing the beta
:D happy modding


Cwang92 said...

All i'm going to say is...... Thank you. Now i'm going to crawl up on my bed, count to 100, then hope i don't die from excitement.