Development Update

Another weekly development update here,

Not really much to elaborate on. Working feverently on alpha 1.03 at current, trying to implement a mathematics heavy based trajectory script for some nifty gameplay challenges.

We're currently in exciting talks with a very, very talented musician to provide the theme to the project including an opening titles sequence which Riker is storyboarding, and Spyduck has been working on some stunning models for a completely 'otherworldly' map which at current, appears to be stuck in development limbo.

Until the next update, 



Jack said...

Awesome, appreciate the continued updates; loving everything I see alot.

achilles1371 said...


Cannot wait till release, cant sleep, mainly cause i got an angel in the basement :C

Really wanna be able to have the look of the 10th docs tardis as an alternative.

BaldurAnthology said...

I am looking forward to this, and have been waiting ages... hopefully not for ages more!