A slow week

It's been a heavy week with getting thing's done, but we're crawling over the halfway mark albeit slower than expected but with definite progress.

Highlights of the week:

- Gene Key Sequencing
- Seismic Detection Fields
- Vampirical Vegetation
- and an interesting moral dilemna



Dionysus said...

Already 50% done ?
That's SO much faster than I was expecting.

daniel malpas said...

WOAHHHHHHH that was fast

M12Sarge said...

I'm currently occupying my time with video games, schoolwork and sleep for when the time comes

daniel malpas said...

Good Idea But I Just Busy Playin F:NV

Cwang92 said...

Didn't realize you put up an episode tab until just now! Sneaky eh? Can't wait to read all the good details of whats to come!