Beta Testing - Round 2 Sign Up's

With Beta 1.03 having gone out to our current small crew of Testers and Beta 1.04 currently in development, we're actively seeking more Beta Testers.

If you want to get onboard, ask yourselves these 3 questions and if you can wholeheartedly say yes to all of them, get over to the forum and post a reply.

  • Can I devote my spare time to vigorously replaying the same section of map/quest over and over?

  • Do I have a great knack for spotting the unobvious and a keen flare for descriptive writing?

  • Do I have a passion for Doctor Who?

Fallout Who Vegas Beta Testing Round 2



Cwang92 said...

I know it might sound selfish, but the only reason I am not signing up is because I want to play the mod as soon as it comes out, with no beforehand knowledge, so I can enjoy the story more!

falloutwho said...

:) appreciated Cwang, you're one of our old school followers right from the Last Child of Gallifrey so I understand where you're coming from, not selfish at all.


Cwang92 said...

Thanks Demeggy, it means a lot!

ChrisR said...

1: yes off school for a week
2:yes on computers not in real life.
3: yep got series 1-6

plz i have been waiting since i played lcog and gitm played it 3 times

achilles1371 said...

Can Completely dedicate myself, after about 3 days, comp prob, fixed, cant play for now, on the weekend i will though

Isimply pray that you accept me into the beta testers.
I also know enough about the TARDIS in theory to pilot it, if it existed, cant wait for your response. ALLONS-Y ALLONSO!

Anonymous said...

I can do all that stuff and i have every episode of doctor who with the sfxs.

BrainiacEL said...

YES! Another chance! OK lets try this again!

1)For Doctor Who (and FOW), always!

2)Mostly, yes!


achilles1371 said...

What I really wanted to know about regen was, will it be more than a simple blinding light like in fallout 3?

Kris said...

At current, it's visual effects remain the same, although you're not expecting to come across regen until approximately the last episode, we're exploring the possibility of a custom animation...