Development Update - Beta 1.04

So with Beta 1.03 being released to closed testers, a potential spotlight Preview on a mainstream popular PC Gaming website and a general feverish pace of development bustling away, I can reveal a little a bit about this weeks development.

I made the heavy decision over the last week that the project has to come second, and as such, I devoted a majority of my time to it at the weekends, leaving most week day evenings free for post-office chillaxing.

However a spark of inspiration caught me last night, and I had to get into the GECK and knock up some tests, tests which have led me pleasantly suprised.

So to tease and tease well, I've introduced a new 'environmental effect' akin to radiation... temperature.

I'd also just like to point out we do have a proboards forum you can all get together and talk on, so sign up and get chattering away. I do try to check it every day free time permitting.

More soon.



Jack said...

YESNESS! It will be quite interesting to see how this new mechanic is used, and must say I am a quiver with anticipation for this grand adventure that the trials of life tried to tell me I'd never actually get! You Sir, and indeed the rest of the team, deserve a golden statue of you on motorbike, and in heroic pose punching a dragon in the face lol. I'm sure us in the States wouldn't mind putting it next to that one statue our French friends gave us awhile back "Liberty Enlightening the World," or something that I think it's called lol.

achilles1371 said...

MY GOD, OH MAN OH GOD OH MAN OH GOD OH MAN! cannot wait, literally until the mod is down, i may have to go sit in a black hole for a few minutes(that excited).

Love the work, keep it up, also, whats regen gonna be like? GitM was, if you dont mind, terrible, a flash of light and a non funtioning gene projector.

Cwang92 said...

The FAQs section mentions regeneration briefly, as well as some other general questions. Hope this helps!

Kris said...

Unfortunately achilles, the gene projector appears to be the only way to select your appearance, however we've cracked the issue with the 'non-functioning' aspect of it.

achilles1371 said...

Brilliant, only one thing to say aside from this, hope I get to beta test and ALLONS-Y ALLONSO!