The TARDIS: An Absence Explained

A lot of people have been asking the same question and I'm finding myself giving the same answer every time, so to categorically, empirically and emphatically conclude: there is no direct TARDIS interaction in the opening episode of Fallout Who Vegas (That isn't to say it doesn't show up...).

Why doesn't it take place in release one you ask? The answer; impact.

Episode One is so heavily loaded with puzzles and choices, that to incorporate the inclusion of a ship bigger on the inside than the outside in a feasible narrative would be pushing it a little too far.That's not to say Episode One isn't without its dosage of Who'ishness though. You've got your Weeping Angels, your Autons and the Nestene Conciousness, Silurians and Cybermen, and perhaps even a Dalek or two?Top that off with a series of intricate and challenging puzzles, difficult choices that will heavily impact your later adventures in episodes to come and some pretty unique and interesting items (tease to Sonic Probe anyone?) and you'll hardly have time to think about the TARDIS.

Episode Two, which I can tease is a simple, to the point one-word title, takes place entirely within the ship. It leads on directly from the end of Episode One, and will give you a TARDIS experience unlike ever before.

So that should answer your questions, but for those that like to skim my increasingly long and detailed blogs:

Is the TARDIS to feature in Episode One?

Not directly, no


It's a development decision

How long between Episode One and Episode Two?

Other priorities mitigating, 2 months approx

There we go, stamped, sealed, delivered.



Anonymous said...

Only 2 months between the episodes ?
That's nothing ! :D

And since the entire episode takes place aboard the Tardis (if I understand that correctly) this means that it propably will be the biggest Tardis ever !

Can't wait to see with what cool rooms you come up with. The Tardis could be as big as a whole city after all.

An Avid Fan. said...

Sounds very interesting, one really does wonder how the BBC have not taken inspiration from the work you have done to make their games just as good. Keep up the good work.

falloutwho said...

Nononono, we don't ever say that, the BBC make wonderful and amazing quality media to support the franchise. I'm simply trying to emulate its level of professionalism!


An Avid Fan. said...

Sorry I should rephrase that, I simply meant from a Tardis experience point of view.

falloutwho said...

:) Legal obligations abiding and all that ;) The Adventure Games still emulated a far more accurate TARDIS than I could ever imagine to achieve

An Avid Fan. said...

Fair enough, still though Fallout Who complements the Doctor Who franchise very well.

falloutwho said...

Much appreciated :)

M12Sarge said...

Waiting two months for a TARDIS mod is better than waiting more than four years for a Back to the Future mod.

Xyphos said...

Are sonic screwdrivers In the first episode? if so is there a choice between models, 9th/tenth and 11/th classic etc
and will any of theese be craftable on workbench?
also different effects for the screwdriver could be handled using nv ammo selection(if you havnt already come up with this)
Keep up the good work
One question, what happens to a dalek if you attack it with a weapon that causes knockdown? is id immune or can we defeat them by effectivle pushing them over :D

falloutwho said...

Dalek combat is handled differently than expected. The Dalek is effectively a tank after all, and must be treated in such a way. As the Chief of Security for Unified Technologies once said; "Aim for the eyepiece, for godsake aim for the eyepiece!"
As for Sonic Screwdrivers, the short answer is no. But that's not to say don't expect a sonic device of some form in Episode One.

Xyphos said...

k thanks for the info, begin the speculation on what kind of sonic device it could be (hope its not sarah janes lipstick)
am I the only person who thinks that "that gun" with a retextexure and some gubbins meshed on could look alot like jacks sonic blaster (owb dlc has a forcefeild mechanic simularin in ways to jacks wall removal) thogh it would only be implementable as set pieces

Xyphos said...

and aww, I wanted to push the dalek over...

An Avid Fan. said...

Here is a question, roughly how many episodes will there be? If you don't mind my asking.

Cwang92 said...

Theres going to be 6 episodes I do believe.