Beta 1.32 Fixes and more

Afternoon all,

So it's that time again when I reveal a little more info.

Beta 1.31 underwent testing and playthrough and with some excellent feedback, I've managed to get it ultimately refined to deliver a much smoother gameplay experience.

The feedback so far is incredibly positive (a lot of genuine sounding scares and excitement), so with the eve of Fix 1.32 I thought it would be only right to delve into what's approaching in the development calendar.

Spyduck's been working incredibly hard on the last of our current planned wave of 'monsters', and many of you guessed it correctly, the Cybermen.

Doctor Who wouldn't be quite right without the second most popular adversaries to challenge you as a gamer, and the work Spyduck has done on getting it developed so far is just astounding.
Beta 1.4 has been pretty much mapped out, with a vast amount of Navmeshing to generate and a bit of content and detail to be thrown in.
Once this is done, we can roll it out to the closed testers, and then proceed with the penultimate build, 1.5, and eventually, 1.6
At the rate we're going, I'm quite positive that we'll have a public release in time for Autumn (September approx).
Also on the agenda is the redesign of the site, a domain name and a couple more trailers to wet your whistles.
There may also, as previously mentioned, by a preview review via one jouranlists, so stay peeled for that.
All in all, an incredibly busy period. The content Spyduck has delivered really has added the ultimate sheen to the mod. If you were impressed with what you've seen so far, you quite simply have seen nothing yet.
So for now, keep the anticipation going. Get over to the forum, get chatting, get talking, it makes me happy, and we'll see you on the other side.



Jack said...

WOOT, I find myself much more than suitable excited! lol

Dionysus said...

Well I'm still a little bit more excited about the Daleks and especially the Weeping Angels.
Oh they will be fun.