Development Update

Well, development, as far as the crow flies, is near to 3 quarters finished for Episode One. We have all 4 monsters modelled and implemented, approximately 75% of the quest incorporated and running, bug-free and tested.

This current phase of development and testing focuses on gameplay. We have some very interesting mechanics being implemented surrounding the 'Pacifist Playthrough' so often spoken about, something we'll detail in the upcoming weeks.

As for a release date, we're going to suprise you. I can confirm that'll it come pretty much out of the blue, and you won't be expecting it, so stay tuned in.


Cwang92 said...

Quick question, and its probably very irrelevant, but will the locations that are included in episode 1 be revisitable?

Kris said...

They'll make a return appearance later... but in terms of programmable destinations via the TARDIS, no. There's a great timey wimey mystery behind Episode One's setting, one that carries on through till the finale in Episode 6...