Falloutwho.blogspot.com Has Returned!


During unforeseen issues, I've had a mind numbingly panic induced 4 days believing the site had been deleted. But fear not, because here it is :)

Firstly, a big thanks to Google for restoring it as quickly as they could, including an expensive, but well needed call from the UK to the USA.

Secondly, visitors - fans, followers; THANKYOU for your patience.

Fallout Who's progress has been holding back for the past fortnight, but we promise you that it is making steady headway.

From the Weeping Angels to the Cybermen, every monsters has been implemented and crafted with great detail. There's puzzles, genuine moments of terror and plenty of action to balance it all out.

More coming soon,



Lawdee said...

Awesome, had me worried there!
Can't wait for the release! But still, take as much time as you need, just don't pull a Half-Life 3.

Kris said...

Not a chance :)

Jack said...

WOOOOOOT! You have me on the edge of my seat!

Kitsudragon said...

Great news!

Bit of advice though? Back-up everything to a drive at home if you can.

I've never been a fan of cloud computing, and this is why. One accident on a server somewhere else in the world, and its like your data never existed. Keep a regularly updated copy local. And if you're paranoid (like me), back up to optical disk periodically, so you have a non-magnetic media version of the data. :)

Richard said...

Glad to see you were able to save your data. Definitely thing about some kinda hard backup!