Silence has fallen?


don't be daft. As always, life takes precedence over such things as modding and unfortunately, it's been one of those months.

Both myself and Spyduck have had other commitments, but we fully intended on getting the ball rolling.

With around 75% of the first episode complete and working, it's upto the last chunk to fall into place.

Cybermen, Daleks and Time Travel oh my.



Tarminuus said...

8 days! Woo! :D

Anonymous said...

When is the tardis coming out

Kitsudragon said...

chapter 2, as I recall. The only question of course, is how long until the follow-up chapters come out.

Anonymous said...

We have to wait to gain access to the TARDIS? -3-

Cwang92 said...

Yeah, the Tardis will appear in episode 2!