Progress Update: Controls, Regeneration & a well earned break - 13/10/12

What a week it's been. It's flown by, that's for certain.

Spyduck and I have been working heavily on the TARDIS this week, and we're pleased to say that every interactive control has/will have an animation applied to it.

Levers now move when tweaked, Atomic Accelerators oscillate in idle and Temporal Accelerometer's light up when shifted.

Spyduck also managed to work an exciting new feature into Regeneration; randomised physical appearance. Yes, everybody wanted it, everybody asked for it, and now, we've come up with it.
It's still in it's early testing stage, but be sure to expect a more realistic regeneration feature in the final release.

As a reward, we're taking a weeks well earned holiday.

Between Spyduck visiting his betrothed in a state far far away and myself dying of man flu, we're both getting ready for a final push.
There's not much more to say for today really.
I want to release some video footage soon, so we'll look into the feasibility.

Until the next post though,



Anonymous said...

Nice work! I'm glad you guys are putting a lot of effort into this mod, and I hope you feel better soon. I have one question, though, for the Regeneration, is the random appearance also random for race and gender? I remember in one episode it was implied that those two could also change.

Archer said...

BEST.MOD.EVER. SImply nothing else to say.