Development Update - 7/10/12

So a quick recap to highlight development for the past week.

- Work on the TARDIS has acelerated beyond belief. Spyduck's modelling is simply amazing, with the fully decorated interior all shiny and new
- The quest for episode one is almost complete, with Great Ill Motives now providing some excellent vocals
- The dev-blog has undergone another facelift to bring it up to date

Goind forward, we have some exciting new features that we're resisting with great difficulty on sharing. Some of you following Spyduck's work have been privvy to his developments, but we've lowered the curtain for now until the final additions have been made.

We'll be going over some of the ship's new features in the coming weeks as and when they're implemented, and should also hopefully be approximating another potential release in the months to follow.

Until then,



Cwang92 said...

Just another change to the desk-top theme...

Jack said...


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An Avid Fan. said...

I like the new style, its very moffaty, well the FW is anyway, and you guys really know how to keep up the hype, looking forward to it, keep up the good work.