July 24


Productive evening. Spyduck and I spent most of last night discussing the new Architectural Configuration engine, and how we were going to go about remapping the TARDIS Interior.
As hinted, the next release of FWV will be a reimagining, with all the bells and whistles readily available without the fruitless need for a plot-heavy quest driving it.
What we came up with was something simply short of amazing, allowing us to insert more rooms than before, in a more compact space, without endless corridors of confusing wandering.
We've also managed to reduce the Architectural Configuration to one terminal menu instead of two, and whilst it still utilses a 5% power usage from the ships supplies, you can now simply toggle rooms on and off at your will.
The new layout will feature in the next release.

We have a new member working on custom outfits and costumes for us; TardisBlue put some of his work up for demo over at the forum and as a result, we're delighted to have him onboard providing us with some incredibly excellent retexture and simple meshing work that will bring all 11 Doctor Outfits, plus a plethora of other costumes from the years to the mod.
Welcome TardisBlue to the team.

Finally, we've been looking at additional Desktop themes and features. A lot of probing has gone into the recent releases and people have stumbled across a few hidden features yet to be released, so to clarify, the unused Drift Mode will be featuring in the final release. We'll go into that more nearer the time.
Spyduck's started some excellent work on the one desktop theme I've been desperate to get playing with; the 1983 5 Doctor's era control room (see below, sans-console)

The past week has also seen the inclusion of various little gimmicks and additions, from the reintroduction of the lab and the synthesising process where you can knock up an Elixir of Life, Anti-Radiation Pills or home brew Gelignite, the new weaponary such as the home made Nitro-9 explosive with a randomised fuse and whallop-per-use.

It's coming together nicely again. This is all about focusing on 50 years of Who, and 3, nearly 4 years of Fallout Who.



Anonymous said...

So. Damn. Awesome.

An Avid Fan. said...

Sounds amazing, cant wait.

Anonymous said...

Do you think it is possible to implement the "bigger on the inside" effect that you can do in 'portal 2' into fallout?

The Sainted Physician said...

Do you mean so its the same cell as the exterior, that would be impossible and not just the bigger on the inside part because the Bluebox model moves to different locations and in other buildings you would have to make the console rooms on every coordinate of the entire game. Even if that were possible I wouldn't think it would be stable. (At least that's what I think anyway)

Anonymous said...

Like the new control room. Happy Birthday Spyduck.

RedBird138 said...

Fantastic! Honestly can't wait for this :D

Anonymous said...

give us something on the mod tommoro maybe?=)

Sincerely Garrythemod

TheSpectre said...

You know there is a Doctor Who Easter Egg known as the Vashta Nerada/The Silence on the Old Worlds Blues DLC known as Y-17 Trauma Override Harness, if you have played the DLC then you would definitely know what i'm talking about. It would be a very nice creature to add on the Fallout Who Mod that is already added to the game.

Anonymous said...

Chris When You Regenerate In The Console Room Will The Console Explode And Crash Land

dillon foran said...

Kris Here's A Link To The 5 Doctor's Console Room Hum And Thanks For Doing It I was Asking About Couple oF Week's Ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzXueue9Kyo