July 26

So the Architectural Configuration system has been completely revamped.

Now, you're able to toggle on and off rooms from the one menu (still at the cost of 5% power). The layout of the ship has also altered for a more streamlined, spaceshipesque feeling.

TardisBlue has been working on a lot of the costumes and outfits, which are coming along spectacularly.

This evening, I've specifically focused on the Workshop and Laboratory.

One of the key criticisms of wave one, was that there wasn't enough to build and that the Temporal Engineering skill felt more like a pointless grind.

Whilst it felt unique and clever at the time, in retrospect, it may have been an unnecessary added feature?

So, with that in mind, I'm considering removing the unique skill and replacing Crafting and Synthesising in the Workshop and Lab with a standard outcome based on your Repair and Science stats.
It'd be good to harvest some thoughts on this, and whether you'd all welcome such a change. Whilst I appreciate it may feel like you've been a bit cheated from endless grinding, it may be the most efficient way of handling the system.

I'll go over the Synthesising process in a post over the weekend, as for now, bed's calling.

Till then



An Avid Fan. said...

There is much I love about this mod, but the worst is the Engineering grind to get the TARDIS Recall (Which is just awesome) To whether you should replace the system, im not sure that would be best, I do like the idea of building the parts, perhaps increase the amount of XP from making something by a substantial amount, and maybe increase the temporal engineering xp you get from flying the TARDIS too (Or and this is a bit of a cheat, keep the current system and give us a code to set our temporal engineering to 10)

No matter what you do I am sure I will love 2.0

Plus I really do appreciate these frequent updates.

Experimantal Brony said...

I think the crafting in the workshop depending on repair and science would be bad because if someone makes a character that isn't for those types of caracteristics, he is kinda fucked (sorry for the bad word) so I think keeping the temporal engineering level is good, maybe add more craft with levels (weapons, objects etc from dr who) so it will be rewarding to level up this thing. (I talk personally, because I'm not the type to make a character that as high repair and science ^^')

Anonymous said...

I like characters with high repair and decent science, but I think temporal engineering is a great idea, since it's loyal to Dr.Who. Maybe make the new items require a certain temporal engineering level to create.Maybe just a XP boost to make the level go up faster.

Great Mod

The Ultimate Noob said...

I would just tweak the XP gains/requirements to make grinding to level 10 easier. I spent a good half hour of real time making sonic and laser screwdrivers and only gained a single level.

adam miller said...

I think getting rid of the Temporal Engineering skill would be a bad idea because as other's have said, it screws over people who don't level up repair or science. That being said, it definitely needs a tweak. I remember needing nearly 600 of every crafting mat to get to level 10, which is insane; however, if you made it so using those crafting mats(to build TARDIS parts and what-not), and upgrading the screwdrivers gave you experience it probably wouldn't be so bad. It would also be great if you could increase the amount of exp you got per fabrication.

Kris said...

Some great feedback, much appreciated followers!

Kris said...

Just to reiterate, I wasn't referring to removing the crafting aspect, just the custom skill.

Raverbane said...

In most of my characters, I tend to run with a high repair and science anyways. So, changing the crafting over to those skills wouldn't hurt me abit. But..

I know that I am probably in the minority of FONV players. I'd say keep it as is. So, characters that aren't heavily invested in those skill wont be gated from any mod content.

The previous suggestions of maybe tweaking the amount of XP gained from random flights and making components might be the way to go.

Getting some XP from assembling parts might be good. But, if I remember correctly. You'd mentioned there was some sort of limitation in the game engine that prevented it.

Keep up the great work!

Morty said...

Admittedly, I have a habit of creating new characters constantly when I get bored of an old one, and it got to be a serious pain to level up the engineering skill to 10 on each of them. Personally I opened up the GECK and changed the experience value to something a lot quicker, but other than the time taken to get there, I don't really have any complaints about the system. I say keep it.

Kris said...

Well you'll all be pleased to hear that the new laboratory skill is ingame, I'm just refining it at the moment, but it's not too dissimilar from Temporal Engineering. Thankfully, there's lots more to extract and synthesise, so grinding should become a thing of the past.

I may do a demo video this evening if it works.

An Avid Fan. said...

Good to know, keep up the good work.

Raverbane said...

Will we need to start a new save? Or will the old skill port over to the new skill?