July 28

Evening all,

So today was an interesting one, as we took feedback from some of you and I worked on implementing the new Chemistry skill system, it couldn't have come together any better.

So, in a brief description of how it works...

The Biochemical Synthesiser with example cans of Nitro-9

You can now break down any food or drink produce into Acids, Alkalis or Proteins using the Extractor Unit in the Lab.

Acids - Beers & Soft Drinks
Alkalis - Water & Vegetables
Proteins - Meats & Animal Matter

The Biochemical Synthesiser can then be used to create unique items, such as Anti-Radiation pills and Unstable Gelignite (lots more to be added). Unstable Gelignite can be used in the workshop to create Nitro 9 by combining it with a Tin Can.

For those not in the know, Nitro-9 was a very unstable explosive packed into old aerosol cans and used by the 7th Doctor's chemistry whizz companion, Ace. It was (and is by the mods standards) unreliable with its fuse and impact, detonating anywhere from 2.5 seconds to 7.5 seconds.

I'll pop up a quick demonstration video if I have time, but for now, I intend on getting the remaining Synthesis recipes ingame.



Stevielfc said...

7th Doctor: Ace you said 10 seconds
Ace: Nobodies perfect professor!

This will be epic carnt wait for it!


Kris said...

:) They're my favourite duo, I grew up with McCoy's era so to have it in and working random fuses, for me, is epic in itself

Bradders456 said...

Thanks for the updates, means alot to know about the progress that's being made. I'm pleased to know there will be more to do inside the TARDIS herself if that makes any sense, the idea that I will spend some more time as my character in the brilliantly designed rooms making explosives and actually doing sciency stuff, not to mention the 1983 console that's coming with this. This all sounds awesome, thankyou!

An Avid Fan. said...

Sounds awesome, good work.

Raverbane said...

Looks fanfrakkingtasting!

Jack Wanner said...

This is so awesome, and far beyond my expectations of what would be included! Way to groovy.

Xyphos said...

What about adding a few useful things to the engineers skill, like unlockable schematics of weapons of aliens(onnce you have dont there relavent quest that require you to make the ammo and stuff yourself as noone else in mojave knows how in the heck you make this stuff
also, will the doctors outfits have increased carry weight effect (doctor pockets are bigger on the inside) and to compensate slightly for the low dt in game where getting shot at is a part of the game

Joshua Merrick said...

I feel that using repair and science is a good idea for balance purposes. think about it, both the doctor and the master are GENIUSES. they put all of their points into repair, science, stealth, and a few others. This balances it such that with a screwdriver which removes the primary use for high lock picking and science by being able to lock, unlock and hack instantly with no skill. If you make it such that the character needs these to be a potent time lord then it means they can no longer put all their points into physical stuff because the screwdrivers cover the mental.