Sept 12

A truly, truly horrible and devastating week for me in my personal life that's affected a lot of people very close to me. I shan't go into it in detail, this isn't what the blogs about, but if you notice a lack in daily update on the otherwise-normal occasion, there's unfortunately sound reasoning.
Going o take a look at the quest glitches tonight plaguing quest three, and intend on getting it wrapped up as I know Spyduck is itching to get his hands on the .esp.



Archer said...

Thank you for your continued hard work. It really is appreciated,

My thoughts and best wishes are with you.

Cookiemorph said...

Haha, Spyduck mentioned too me that he doesn't want to work on too much as he hasn't got the updated esp. Anyway, keep up the good work, and whatever the series of unfortunate events may have been, i hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the series of unfortunate events that has happened hope u get through it soon

-anonymous whovian/fallout who and fallout who vegas lover

Jack Wanner said...

I'm sorry man, my thoughts go out to you, and those close to you.

Chris Griffin said...

im sorry to here that chris. i hope you an the people close are ok and our thoughts go out to you :)