Sept 8

Today has been spent working towards completing the Silurian quest, and with it, finishing off optimising the Door code puzzles (which I can say I'm very happy with).

This afternoon, I spent a few hours tying up the Bad Karma ending to the quest, which I'm yet to test, as the quest has seemingly broken at the first hurdle (bloody NPC's) and I can't fathom why.

I then spent an hour working on Venusian Aikido, a previously mentioned form of melee self-defense you can adopt to take a less aggressive approach to dealing with the rough denizens of the wasteland. So far; so good. The animation's a little less 'blunt' than standard melee, and if I can advance on my ideas for it, it should come out as a nice little addition to the mod.

I've also started pencilling down ideas for the least pre-planned quest out of the list, currently entitled A Haunting in Time... expect lots of time travel, past, present and future with this one, including some truly jump out of your skin moments (with plenty of inspiration from my favourite genre of gaming; survival horror).

I'll keep you up to date, but for now,



Willbert said...

(Me after reading this.)

Anonymous said...

This mod sounds more and more orgasmic with each update.
Love you guys.

Anonymous said...


Joshua Merrick said...

I've been delaying my lets play for the new version, and it looks like it'll be WELL worth it!

RedBird138 said...

Can't wait for this!! :D
Only problem is I want to be an Evil/Master style Timelord,so have been playing a bad karma save... But every time I watch some Doctor Who, The Doctor makes me want to be a good Timelord, Dam it Doctor! :P

SweetsBlues said...

God, how dare you being so awesome? You and your crazy modding skills! I mean like... Another animation for the close-up combat! One word and the word is "AWESOME". God, i love you guys. And God does to. Yachmen'.

Joshua Merrick said...

I feel like playing a time lord who worked with Torchwood would fit well in new vegas, although if anyone has watched the Torchwood show it gets a LOT more messed up than fallout. (also, it means using laser guns works :P)