Sept 7

Another minor update to keep you going; today was spent working mainly on cell editing. Trying to get a convincing feeling to the Silurian quest is akin to pulling an elephant through a keyhole; possible, if you have an elephant gun and an industrial sized mincer (apologies to animal lovers for the crude metaphor).

I've spent the majority of the afternoon working on optimising code from an old build on a particularly fun little puzzle involved with unlocking Silurian force fields. I've then got additional plans to work on a final mini-puzzle akin to 'Minesweeper' that y'all should enjoy.

In slightly more distressing news, TardisBlue suffered a catastrophic HDD failure last week which resulted in the loss of all of his character texturing. Without a backup, he's going to have to look into redoing his work.
And that kids, is why you backup.

I'll leave it there for today, Spyduck's still lacking in motivation, so if someone feels like giving him some inspiration (or an additional kick up the arse), be my guest.

Until the next update



dillon foran said...

Spyduck You Are Doing A Amazing Job And Get Back Into Modding For All Whovian Fan's That Are Looking Forward To Seeing This Completed:)

Chris Griffin said...

(KKKKKKKKKICK) there you spyduck. you guys are doing really great keep it up. im sorry to hear about tradisblues HDD that sucks.

looking forward to the future updates :)


Anonymous said...

Oi, Spyduck, get yer shit together! The mod needs ya. If you left Demmgy with it, it would be great. But not as great without your (insert what you do here).
Come on, tons of people are looking forward to the mod's next update. Are you, Sir Spyduck, going to let your kingdom down? I'd hope not. ~ Echolation

jeff kase said...

Cmon spyduck just continuously watch Dr.who till you get the spark or just Think of a way to bring time lords back. -Whovian

jeff kase said...

... better yet bring Gallifrey and possibly the time war back.

Serathas said...

bring the silence, the daleks, the sontarans and the cybermen back, and im good, maybe the ice warriors too, would be epic in fallout, the ood would be cool too

Lawdee said...

Let me just say how much I enjoy these updates, it really makes me understand why it takes so long to make a game/mod, and it doesn't give us the impression that you've stopped working on it.

I just wish actual game companies would do something like this

Archer said...

Agreed, Lawdee, the updates give a great insight into just a small portion of what it takes to carry out a work like this.

Spyduck, all I can say is, know that there are loads of people out there supporting your work and can't wait to see what you come with. Listen to "I Am The Doctor" on a loop! :)